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Entries from September 2009 ↓

Babies love Mountain Kids Fantasy

Studies have shown that babies have an unerring sense of what will become popular in the coming years. Even though the executives tend to take the credit, companies such as Sony and Dreamworks SKG keep toddlers on staff to decide which films to produce and which new musical artists should be signed. If the below photo is any indication, Mountain Kids Fantasy is going to be the next big thing.

This baby selected our sticker from a stack of thousands.

This baby selected our sticker from a stack of thousands.

1. Devo 2. Twitter

1. Mountain Kids Fantasy is becoming Devo for “Come As You Aren’t”, a night of tribute acts at the Skylark, in West Seattle. Joining us onstage are Kenny Harder and Tony Trunzo. You should come, and if you dress as Devo too, you could help us win valuable prizes! The Skylark is at 3803 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106. The show is free and commences at 8:00.

2. Yes, we now twitter or tweet or tweeter on Twitter. Something like that. You should “follow” us.

Recording is fun and good for you.

Greg is great at making home recordings sound better than home recordings. We’re chugging right along, recording newish songs, as well as putting the finishing touches on older songs. I’m really looking forward to having a finished product this Fall, one that everyone will purchase at a competitive, reasonable price. So, start saving up your milk money!

Todd Barry is great.

I went to see comedian Todd Barry at Bumbershoot today, and just wanted to tell you that you should go find out about him, listen to his comedy, and buy his albums. He has, in the past, humorously challenged the non-shittiness of our band name, during one of his shows, and that alone gets him a special place in my heart. He is a talented performer, and a very, very funny man. His website is: You go visit. NOW.

Also, I am the proud owner of a lovely Flight of the Conchords screenprinted poster that I purchased at Flatstock. Do you know of this Flatstock? Here: It’s pretty great, and there are many delightful artists who create many delightful posters for concerts and the like.

Mighty Shiny at the Skylark – Sat., 9/5

Greg’s other band Mighty Shiny is playing at the Skylark this Saturday, September 5th. It’s their last show of the year (probably) and is free, so you should go. What, you’re gonna watch Sheryl Crow at Bumbershoot? You don’t wanna do that. Details here.