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Mountain Kids Fantasy is Malkah Duprix and Greg Flint

Mountain Kids Fantasy features Malkah Duprix and Greg Flint.

Malkah Duprix has been singing and writing songs since she was a wee young girl. Born and raised in Seattle, she left to live for many years in Denver before selling everything and piling what was left on top of her car and heading (North)West to return to the Northwest and eventually make music in Mountain Kids Fantasy. She now resides in Denver.

Greg Flint plays drums and provides his trademark angelic harmony vocals when MKF hit the stage. He also makes our recordings and plays bass and various occasional other things therein. When not MKFing he plays drums with Mighty Shiny, and occasionally posts a song at

Together, Mountain Kids Fantasy deliver powerful indie rock with a chewy pop center and occasional tinges of twang.

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