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Entries from January 2009 ↓

Radio Ether Featuring Malkah and MKF

Hey folks, here at MKF, we are all about the information superhighway. We also like the data on-ramp, and the interwebs. Go to the above link to find a musical family reunion on Hunger City’s Radio Ether, an independent place of music and poetry (legal bittorrent download – site requires registration). This episode features the Gano/Gayneau family, of which Malkah has become a part by marriage (not her own). Check it out. It’s pretty awesome. And Malkah and MKF are delightfully featured in one of the segments.

Live Sat., 3/14 at the marsBar!

Not right away, mind you, but Mountain Kids Fantasy are reemerging from the snow and clouds to play a show on Saturday, March 14th, at the Mars Bar! We’re opening for Greg’s other band, Mighty Shiny, and an outfit called Hijack Maria. Rhonda of Mighty Shiny writes some awful nice pop songs, so there’s twice the incentive to come. It should be a swell time for all. Mark your calendars! Whee! Whoop-whoop!

We has a blog!

Hello, kiddies. Since we’ve booked a gig, we decided to change the website around a bit in all the excitement, too. So: a blog! Here you’ll find new songs, information about shows, and just plain old stuff we found interesting. Please check back or subscribe via RSS, and we welcome your comments.